George Knoecklein

Limnologist, Certified Lake Manager
Ph.D. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
   University of Connecticut
M.S. Natural Resources, Michigan State University
B.S. Biology, Southern Connecticut State University


Hillary Kenyon

Research Scientist
B.S. Environmental Science,
   University of Connecticut

IMG_2507 (1).jpg

Sabina Perkins

Research Scientist
B.S. Biology, Stanford University
B.S. Earth Systems, Stanford University



Hannah Kyer

Research Scientist

B.A. Environmental Studies,
   Mount Holyoke College




Jason Lech

Former Research Assistant
B.S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
   University of Connecticut
B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology,
   University of Connecticut

Jason has moved on to graduate school at the University of Connecticut, studying plant community dynamics. Congrats Jason!